Whitehall Pool rules – phase 2

Summer has officially begun and the community has been great about following the new rules for pool safety!

We are not out of the woods yet, though.  Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have increased significantly, and as of Friday 6/26, face coverings are now required in public places statewide.  A significant percentage of Whitehall residents are in a high-risk group for the disease, so it is important to remain vigilant. Be safe for your neighbors and they will do the same for you.

A bit of good news, though: we are modifying the pool rules slightly.  As of today, residents may invite their immediate family members to the pool.  The pool capacity remains at 42 people, so plan accordingly.  If there aren’t any chairs available at the pool, one of your party will have to wait for a space.  (And if you’ve been at the pool for more than a couple hours, consider heading inside so other residents can enjoy.)

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Stay safe and stay healthy!!