Elections and Annual Meeting 2020 – Mark your calendars

Dear fellow Whitehall homeowners,

It’s been a busy and eventful year! You should have received a packet in the mail this week with this information and the financial statements; if you did not, you can download it by clicking this link. Here is some additional information about the annual meeting and board business:

  1. Self-nomination form – Due August 26, 2020.  Your community needs you!  There are 3 open seats on the board for 2020-2023, and only two current members are running for re-election.  If you are interested in running for a 3-year seat, please submit a self-nomination form to Gloria by 8/26/2020.  A blank form is attached. These statements will be made available for review by the membership prior to the elections.
  2.  Board member elections – vote by mail – September 23, 2020.  You will receive the Agenda for the annual meeting, a ballot and a voter information packet in early September.  You can mail your ballot to Gloria, or drop it off at the Whitehall Meeting Room (dates and times TBD). 
  3. Annual meeting – via Zoom – Monday, October 19, 6:30pm.  We will have a Q&A session about the information in this packet, and announce the election results.  You will receive a Zoom meeting invite and link to the meeting in early October.

We continue to work toward enhancing the community in both its appearance and quality. The Board is committed to developing our maintenance programs to insure the long-term health of the community. We also are strategically working on how we can respond to the community as efficiently and with the most care possible. We thank you for your dedication and appreciation for the health of Whitehall.