News you can use, Holiday edition

Greetings Neighbors,

It’s finally starting to feel like winter! Curl up with a blanket and a mug of cocoa, and read the latest news you can use from the Board:

  1. Dues increase, 1/1/2021.  HOA dues are going up to $295/mo, beginning with your payment due January 1, 2021. You should have received new coupon books a few months back – let Gloria know if you didn’t.
  2. Maintenance workers thank you gifts.  Thanks to our residents’ generosity, we were able to give $175 to each landscape and maintenance worker.  Our gifts made a huge difference in their holiday celebrations.
  3. January board meeting, via Zoom. Our next board meeting will take place on 1/18/2021, via Zoom. You will receive an email from Gloria with more details shortly. In the meanwhile, email any questions you want answered to . (There will also be time for additional questions during the meeting.)
  4. Leafageddon photo gallery.  See photos submitted by your friends and neighbors on the website:
  5. Holiday décor photo contest.  Decorations are going up and we are looking very festive! But who has the most seasonal spirit? Send pics of your holiday decorations to and we’ll post them on the website. 


Whitehall HOA Board