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Leafageddon 2020 – Info, and send pics!

If you’ve walked the grounds, driven across bridges, cleaned a drain or just looked outside for a few minutes, you know that Leafageddon is upon us! The army of Down To Earth leafblowers will be clearing leaves from public areas in stages over the next few months – first the hardscapes (parking lots and sidewalks), […]

News you can use, and holiday prep

Happy Veteran’s Day! Now that election season is over, it’s time to prepare for some other annual traditions. (And yes, “leafageddon” is one of those…) Here is some news you can use from the board: New website. We have one: . Everything in the owner’s welcome handbook can be found here, along with handy […]

Political signs and banners at Whitehall

As we get into election season (remember to vote!), here is a quick reminder about our policy regarding political signs in Whitehall. Per the rules and regulations: No signs allowed with the following exceptions:-Real Estate within 6 feet of the seller’s building– Election signs to be displayed and then removed in accordance with Raleigh’s Rules […]

Elections and Annual Meeting 2020 – Mark your calendars

Dear fellow Whitehall homeowners, It’s been a busy and eventful year! You should have received a packet in the mail this week with this information and the financial statements; if you did not, you can download it by clicking this link. Here is some additional information about the annual meeting and board business: Self-nomination form – […]

Whitehall Pool rules – phase 2

Summer has officially begun and the community has been great about following the new rules for pool safety! As of today, residents may invite their immediate family members to the pool. The pool capacity remains at 42 people, so plan accordingly.