Whitehall Knitters

Approximately 14 knitters gather monthly, sometimes weekly, for fellowship and knit-a-longs. Knitters are in the group category on Nextdoor.com and receive notifications of date(s), time and locations for the knit-a-longs. At various knit-a- longs, knitters decide to include an instructor to teach a class on a particular knitting technique at a minimum fee. The knit-a-longs or classes last two hours and usually start at 10 am.

If you are interested in attending the knit-a-longs, please respond to the invites on Nextdoor.com or contact Kaye Gattis at kayegattis@gmail.com for additional information. You will enjoy meeting other ladies in the community and share your knitting skills with other knitters and/or learn from other knitters. In addition, we talk about our knitting projects as well as enjoy coffee or tea.

If you knit, come join our communal project!