Whitehall Community Garden and Park

In 2008 most of North Carolina was in a drought situation. The City of Raleigh had water restrictions in place. Whitehall’s clay tennis courts were deteriorating and required daily watering. The cost to maintain the courts was$30,000 ayear, and the decision was made to discontinue the use of the courts.

In 2009 a survey was conducted among residents for input on the use of the tennis courts. Most responses suggested turn the courts into a garden. Upon approval of the Board, a group of residents cleared the tennis courts nets, line markers, etc. The first gardening boxes were placed in 2011. This was the same year the City of Raleigh awarded Whitehall a grant for $5000 for the community garden. This grant was used to buy stones for the circular stone bed, soil and materials to build more garden boxes.

A core group of residents started developing the garden park we have today. All costs to develop the park are from garden box rentals, city grant, donations and fundraising efforts. No Whitehall dues support the garden park.

In Fall 2015, a large brick patio was installed to make space for all Whitehall residents to visit and enjoy. Many stone beds were planted with flowers and herbs. In addition to the large patio, there is a small stone patio, a tool shed and 15 4×4 and 19 4×8 cedar garden boxes. Happy hours and various other social activities are hosted in the Whitehall Community Park.

Whitehall residents can rent boxes for their organic vegetables, flowers and herbs. Annual rental price is $25 for small boxes and $50 for larger boxes. Rental amounts are used for garden maintenance, stone bed plantings and development of new areas in the park.

The Whitehall Community Park committee members are:

Gail Craddock, chair (gailcraddock@gmail.com)
Toni Cambier, vice chair     (acambier@nc.rr.com)
Kaye Gattis, secretary
Cindy Lambert, treasurer (cynthiamlambert@yahoo.com)
Members at large: Helen Aaroe, Tonie Wheelock and Cyn MacGregor
Board member representative: Marlene Twiss

All Whitehall residents are invited to participate in creating and maintaining this wonderful space. Feel free to contact any of the committee members for additional information. And please come and visit the Park and see one of Vollis Simpson’s Whirligigs.