Nestled within the heart of Whitehall, the Community Garden and Park boasts a rich history of transformation. In 2008, much of North Carolina faced drought conditions, prompting the City of Raleigh to impose water restrictions. Among the affected areas were Whitehall’s clay tennis courts which required watering twice daily. However, as water became scarce, the courts began to deteriorate, leading to a decision to discontinue their use, especially given the hefty annual maintenance cost of $30,000.

Following a survey conducted in 2009 to gauge residents’ opinions on repurposing the tennis courts, the majority favored transforming them into a garden. With approval from the Board, a group of residents took action, clearing the courts of nets, line markers, and weeds. The first gardening boxes were installed in 2011, coinciding with the City of Raleigh awarding Whitehall HOA a $1000 grant, contingent upon raising an additional $1000 in matching funds. This grant facilitated the purchase of stones for circular beds, soil, and materials for constructing more garden boxes.

Since then, a dedicated group of residents has spearheaded the development of the Garden Park we enjoy today. All expenses related to the park’s development have been covered through a combination of garden box rentals, city grants, donations, and fundraising efforts, with no contribution from Whitehall monthly HOA dues.

In 2015, a sizable brick patio was added, providing a communal space for Whitehall residents to gather and enjoy. Donated chairs, tables, and umbrellas have further enhanced this area, fostering a sense of community. Numerous stone beds now flourish with a variety of flowers and herbs. The Park also boasts a small stone patio, a garden inspired by East Asian traditions, a tool shed, community composting initiative, 11, 4×4 and 19, 4×8 wooden raised garden boxes. Social events, are regularly hosted in the Whitehall Community Garden and Park.

Residents have the opportunity to rent garden boxes for cultivating organic vegetables, flowers, and herbs, with annual prices set at $30 for small boxes and $60 for larger ones. Rental proceeds contribute towards garden maintenance, stone bed plantings, and the ongoing development of new park areas. Notably, a milkweed bed has been established to support Monarch butterflies.

The Whitehall Community Garden and Park committee includes: Gail Craddock, Chair (, Toni Cambier, Vice Chair (, Tonie Wheelock, Treasurer (, Greg Hurley, Secretary (, Member at Large: Cyn Macgregor (, HOA Board Member Representative: Leigh Shamblin.

All Whitehall residents are encouraged to join in the creation and upkeep of this remarkable space. For further information, feel free to reach out to any of the committee members. We invite you to visit the park, where you’ll encounter one of Vollis Simpson’s Whirligigs!