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    Please note: The Whitehall HOA is responsible for repairs to surface of the structures only, from the surface to the framing. The framing inward is the owners obligation, and the HOA is not responsible for any foundation related repairs. If damage or other concerns are discovered during the course of repairs, HOA-approved contractors may stop work and provide notification/quotes to the homeowner to complete such repairs, at homeowner expense. Homeowners may, alternatively, obtain a quote for required repairs, within 10 days of such notification. Homeowner repairs must be completed within 30 days of the notification so that HOA-authorized work can be completed timely as well. If homeowner declines to perform such repairs, the HOA is authorized to perform repairs as needed for compliance with building code and other regulations, to complete HOA-authorized repairs. The cost of such repairs shall be considered an additional assessment on the homeowner’s unit, and shall be payable as determined by the Board. The Board is not required to furnish a cost estimate for such repairs to the homeowner, prior to performing required work.