New Residents FAQ

Dear  New Neighbor:

On behalf of the Whitehall Welcome Committee and the Whitehall Homeowner’s Association, welcome to our wonderful community. We are a neighborhood who cares about the wellbeing of each other.

Whitehall was founded in 1976 and today we find a number of our previous neighbors who left for various reasons are returning. This speaks volumes about our neighborhood culture.

We hope you will become an involved resident and volunteer for one of our committees so you can get to know us and help us keep our community strong.

This page is full of helpful information and will assist you greatly in transitioning into your new home and environment. Please ensure each member of your household becomes familiar with our rules and regulations that guarantee every person’s enjoyment while living in Whitehall.

Quick Facts and Helpful Info

Animal Control:
City of Raleigh – 919-831-6311
Wake County- 919-212-7387

Anne Gordon Center for Active Adults:
1901 Spring Forest Road/Millbrook Exchange Park – (919) 996-4720
Any adult is eligible to participate in a wide variety of programs, classes and trips. Programs lean toward 50 years and up. Fees vary depending on the class. Quarterly schedules are listed on the web site.

City of Raleigh Website:

Curb Appeal:
• Residents are responsible for maintaining their lots, decks and stoops in a neat, uncluttered condition.
• Toys, bicycles, garden tools, hoses, coolers, etc., must be stored out-of- sight when not in use. Do not hide toys behind shrubs or park them on the deck.
• No hanging clothing or towels to dry on lines or railings.
• No signs are allowed except: real estate within 6 feet of the seller’s building; election signs to be displayed and removed in accordance with the City of Raleigh regulations (
• Storage under deck is allowed only if the base is enclosed with privacy lattice screening.
• See the full set of rule for restrictions of outdoor decoration, birdbaths, benches, etc. in the Whitehall Rules and Regulations.
• Exterior modifications of any kind require Association approval via an ARC request.

Electrical Service and Repairs:
Duke Energy Progress
Power outage and repairs: 1-800-769-3766 or

Exterior Maintenance, Architectural/landscape requests:
Forms for Architectural Requests and Maintenance Service Requests are available on this site. Submit all requests to the property manager for Board approval. The Board votes on the request and the property manager will inform the homeowner of the Board’s decision.

Fire and Police Emergency:
Call 911
Raleigh Police Non-Emergency: 919-996-3335
(Whitehall is in the “North” District of the Raleigh Policy Department)

Down to Earth is Whitehall’s landscape management service and is on the premises on Thursdays, weather permitting. Questions or concerns about landscaping issues should be directed to the property manager.

Light Posts:
For light outage, please contact property management with number on light pole and the closese address to the pole.

Little Lending Library:
A “take-a-book, replace with a book” lending library is available to all homeowners and is located between the pool and Whitehall Community Park. The library was funded by donations in appreciation for Karen Kistler’s contributions to the development of the community garden/park.

Mail Box Keys:
If mailbox key is not provided at losing by previous houeowner, contact a locksmith.

Natural Gas (PSNC) Service and Repairs:
Call 911 for emergencies!

North Citizens Advisory Council:
There are 19 Citizens Advisory Councils (CAC) with representatives that serve on the Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council. The North Citizens Advisory Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at Abbotts Creek Community Center, 9950 Durant Road. Whitehall is registered as a neighborhood-based organization with the NCAC. Any individual can attend the Council meetings.
Planning and developments issues that directly affect the North district are voted on at the Council meetings and rezoning matters then go before the Raleigh Planning Commission and City Council. The CACs vote is concerned in their decisions. Please review the web site for further information.

Owners Association Disclosure and Fee Breakdown

Click here for the full Real Estate Disclosure document, for property sales and transfers.

• City of Raleigh leash law: All pets (including cats) are not to roam freely at anytime.
• Whitehall’s rules for pets reflect Raleigh and Wake County law enforced by Animal Control authorities.
• Please pick up after your dog right away.

Polling Information:

Pool Keys:
Entrance to swimming pool requires electric key card. Key cards are available from the property manager for $25.00. Request a key card here.

Pool Rules:
• Pool rules are strictly enforced. Violators lose pool privileges.
• Pool hours: 6 am until 8 pm
• Entry is by key card. Contact property manager for key card.
• No noise. No rough play. No glass containers.
• Shower before entering pool.
• Four guests per homeowner are allowed.
• Children under 16-years-old must be supervised by a parent or designated adult.
• Babies must wear swim diapers.

Property Manager:
Gonzalo Iribarren – Association Manager
(984) 220-8674

Michael Slanton – Community Administrator
(984) 220-8702

Mary Offenburg– Accounts Receivable specialist
(984) 220-8665

Homeowners can manage their account through “Community Cafe”, the portal site managed by Towne Properties.
Emergency/Maintenance after normal hours: (919) 878-8787, option 3.

Trash, Yard Waste and Recycling Schedule:
Whitehall is on the “Wednesday A” schedule.
The City of Raleigh will help you if you:
• Have difficulty placing your trash and recycling rolling carts to the street: 919-966-6884
• Have large items, i.e. old furniture and appliances, that need to be picked up 919-996-3245
General rules for trash placement:
• Trash pickup (green carts) is on Wednesdays, with recycling pickup (blue carts) on alternating Wednesdays.
• Whitehall’s rules regarding trash are in accord with the City of Raleigh waste code.
• Waste carts are to be placed at the street no earlier than Tuesday evening.
• Waste carts must be brought in from the street by Thursday evening.
• Keep carts hidden from view at all times.
• Homeowner is responsible for placing house number on all carts.
• Carts should be placed at the street no earlier than Tuesday and brought in by Thursday night.
• Do not place used furniture, appliances, etc. at the side of the street.
• All trash/recycled material must fit in appropriate cart. Refer to the City of Raleigh website for trash, yard waste and recycling guidelines.

Vehicle and Parking:
• Each house is assigned two parking spaces ONLY except homeowners with a garage. They are assigned one space.
• Do not drive onto or park with wheels on unpaved areas.
• Visitor spaces are for only temporary guest use.
• Residents are responsible for directing guests to appropriate parking.
• Motorcycles follow the same rules as vehicles. Speed limit is 15 mph.
• Overnight parking is not permitted for commercial vehicles and trailers.
• Contact property manager for towing information.

Water Supply Repair Policy:
The HOA is not responsible for maintenance of water supply lines to individual lots.
• If a water supply leak occurs between a homeowner’s lot and the meter, the homeowner is responsible for the repair and restoring the landscape after repairs have been completed.
• If the leak occurs between the meter and the City of Raleigh water main, the City should be contacted for repair. If location cannot be determined, contact: Raleigh Public Utilities Operations Division 919-996-3245 (all hours),
• Helpful: PSNC offers various kinds of utilities insurance, including water line breaks.

Whitehall Owners Association Meetings:
Held on the third Monday of each month, 6:30 pm, at the Community Room located near the pool. Traditionally, there is not a December meeting. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. A 15-minute period open for Members (homeowners) to address the Board is allocated prior to the meetings. Homeowners may observe business conducted by the Board. The Board has authority to enter executive business or a closed session based upon the Open Meetings law. (Article 13-C, § 143-318.11. Closed sessions).
An Annual Whitehall Owners’ Association Meeting occurs on the third Monday in September at 6:30 pm, at the Anne Gordon Center for Active Adults, 1901 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC (across from Whitehall’s Spring Forest Entrance at Millbrook Exchange Park). The Board holds its election of officers at the annual meeting.

Whitehall Community Park/Garden:
Located near the pool and the Little Lending Library. Created to enjoy community gardening, socials, meditation and nature. Contact Toni Cambier,, for more information.

Whitehall Homeowners Association Board of Directors:
Marlene VandeBerg, President
Tommy Gattis, Vice President
Adrian Dellinger, Treasurer
Kim Overton, Secretary

Karlene “Honey” Turrentine – At Large Member

Elizabeth Lane – At Large Member

Leigh Shamblin – At Large Member

Window treatments:
• Window treatments must be blinds, shutters or drapes that are in good condition.
• No sheets, towels, shower curtains, cardboard, etc. should be used as window treatments.
• No window-mounted air conditioners.

Yard and Estate Sales:
No yard sales are permitted. Estate sales for deceased residents are allowed, with prior approval from the HOA Board.