Leafageddon 2020 – Info, and send pics!

If you’ve walked the grounds, driven across bridges, cleaned a drain or just looked outside for a few minutes, you know that Leafageddon is upon us!

The army of Down To Earth leafblowers will be clearing leaves from public areas in stages over the next few months – first the hardscapes (parking lots and sidewalks), then the natural areas a few weeks later.  So, if you are planning on mulching the front of your house, wait until spring so it doesn’t get blown away.

Also: the second gutter cleaning will take place during the first two weeks of December.

Important: If you are clearing your own backyards, please note the rules for disposing of leaves and yard waste:

  • Place leaves in clear plastic bags or a dedicated trash can (not the City of Raleigh rolling bins), and put them out with trash pickup on Wednesday.
  • You may also rake them onto a tarp and drag them to one of the piles that DTE has made alongside Sentinel Dr.
  • Residents with creek access – do NOT dump leaves or other garden waste into the creek. This just adds to our drainage problems on the property.  And it’s not pretty.

Finally – if you’re out and about, and happen to have your camera handy, take a pic or two! Send them to charliemach@hotmail.com , and we’ll put the best ones up on the site.

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!